Antique tin toys
high-quality restore

We restore your antique tin toys. True to the original. Careful. With attention to detail. Purely by hand.

A specialist for more than 30 years
in the Ancient area

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Antique tin toys
in new shine

We restore antique tin toys of all kinds. And antique doll kitchens and dollhouses. We let your valuable piece shine in its old splendor. We also check for you whether your tin toy is really an original.

Restoring antique tin toys to a high quality

Our Services

out of love for detail

manual work

We restore and repair your special object entirely by hand. Our experienced tin toy restorer removes any damage, large or small.


Lots of small steps - and we will restore your antique tin toy to its original aesthetic. And preserve the original substance. With original materials.

With love
to the detail

With great attention to detail, we add lost parts, even the most delicate parts. Individually manufactured, faithfully reproduced. In the highest quality.

Color brilliance

We preserve the color brilliance of your tin toy. For painting, delicate lines, lettering, ornaments and contours. We maintain the liveliness and charisma of your art treasure.

The secret
of the color recipes

Our color recipes are our secret - specially developed in-house using old templates and original recipes. Our paint is ideal for the restoration of antique pieces.

For decades

Our decades of experience give you the security: Your heirloom or collector's item will be professionally restored. We have the skill to preserve the originality of your art treasure.

Analysis with

Regardless of the type and condition of your antique tin toy. We take care of this. We discuss basic questions with you, personally inspect your valuable cultural property and analyze the condition of the property.

Expert advice: patina-aesthetic balance

Are there any signs of use? Patina or repainting? We advise you competently and comprehensively: What is useful and feasible for your special gem. And how do you achieve an increase in value through restoration.


Restoring antique tin toys of all kinds, doll kitchens and dollhouses: since the founding of our company, we have dedicated ourselves to this task with increasing dedication - and without interruption. This tradition obliges.