Our restored Art treasures

We proudly present: our restored art treasures. Antique tin toys, old miniature buildings, doll kitchens, dollhouses and much more.


Each object has been lovingly restored with the utmost care. You will find a selection below.

Märklin gauge 1 café station

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Station building, fictional model of a café-station, the first station with a garden restaurant, modeled in detail on life at the turn of the century (the 20th century). Not electrified, but lit from the inside with a candle. Originally with green and red windows made of real glass with an etched pattern, the windows are missing. Weather vane is missing. Canopy detached.

Origin / year of manufacture:
Manufactured in Göppingen, part of a Märklin railway track 1 layout from 1909

Cleaning. Subtle painting, original coloring. Preserved patina. Soldering the canopy. Rotatable weather vane added. Refurbished window. Other parts of the facility (goods shed, engine shed) restored.

Märklin battleship "Kaiser Wilhelm"

References - Battleship Kaiser Wilhelm - Antique tin toys

Tin ship, 86 cm long, with a still functioning steam engine drive. Except for the anchor, the flags, the masts and spikes as well as the lifeboats, the original sheet metal / hull was still there, colors / paintings no longer exist.


Origin / year of manufacture:
Manufactured in Germany between 1909 and 1915


Manufacture and attachment of all missing sheet metal parts. Complete repainting / lining / lettering / conservation, slight aging at the request of our customer, as there were no more usable original paint residues.

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